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As the owner of Choptank Boatworks, Patrick Mertaugh applies the appropriate traditional and modern methods and materials to every commission, practicing skills acquired at the Landing School of Boatbuilding and Design and honed during years of experience in the marine


New Construction Great Island Rowboat

Walt Simmons design Great Island Rowboat Modified in length and width Transom angle changed to accommodate a small outboard motor Traditional Lapstrake construction Atlantic White Cedar planking on White Oak frames


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Perhaps, then, you will say, ‘But where can one have a boat like that built today?’ And I will tell you that there are still some honest men who are not scared to use hand tools, who can sharpen a


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Located near the Choptank River on Maryland’s historic Eastern Shore, Choptank Boatworks is where builder Patrick Mertaugh crafts classically inspired boats of impeccable quality. Patrick’s gift for bringing new boats to life and restoring older ones is appreciated by a growing list of customers—people who understand that there is no substitute for fine workmanship and a practiced eye.

So when you are considering a new boat, looking for an experienced shipwright to repair or restore the boat you have, or you are simply ready to raise the standard of work you want done, don’t hesitate to call Choptank Boatworks and speak directly to Patrick Mertaugh. Until then, we bid you welcome and hope you enjoy your visit to our little corner of the world of fine boats, large and small.